Monthly High Res Art Bundle

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This is a mirror of the monthly art bundle I provide over on Patreon. Only some months will be available as a single purchase here on Gumroad so this Subscription will provide you each months' bundle for the months you are subscribed.

Important notes:

  • Content will be SFW & NSFW! They will be separated into their own separate folders within the monthly bundle so you can easily choose what you wish to see and remove the rest. (If there are enough subscribers who wish for just SFW content, I may make a separate tier for this in the future!)

  • Paying Quarterly/Biannually/Yearly gets a small discount.

  • Membership grants you access to the private Discord channels on my server. This is optional and you can add your Discord handle to the order when you subscribe. This is not currently automated and will be done manually.

  • Some bundles may contain working files, tutorials, wallpapers, etc however content will change month to month.

  • All content is for your personal enjoyment and education. They are not to be shared, re-posted, sold, printed, etc. without permission! (If you want prints or merch with specific items on it, please contact me at WildElement Studios! I'm happy to see what I can do to make this sort of stuff happen!)

  • Your access ends when you stop subscribing so make sure you save the bundles before you cancel!

  • You will only get the bundles for the months you are subscribed, not before, not after. (You can find some bundles you may have missed in the store, but not all may be there.)

    • Bundles are provided at the end of each monthly period. Ex: September may be uploaded/sent out between Sept 30th - Oct 8th. This is because my content runs on the payment cycles on Patreon, which sometimes, payments do not process for a handful of days into the month so generally a cycle (for me) runs from the 5th to the 5th for each period but does have some variance.

    • Keep the above cycles/dates in mind when subscribing! If you subscribe between the 1st-8th of a month, you will get that months content but possibly not until that time frame the next month and you'll have already paid for the following months as well. (Suggest subscribing after the 8th of a month if you can!)

    • Some months I take off (on Patreon) HOWEVER, I still provide content bundles for the month to my patrons and will here too. The difference is that some of the usual content may not be present that is directly funded by Patreon.

    • If you want more perks like voting on what I work on, getting early access to content during the month, first dibs on commissions etc, please consider Patreon instead of here.

    • The more subscribers we get here, the more I'll start implementing other perks/tiers that I offer on patreon!

    • If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at WildElement Studios


Monthly art bundles for your personal enjoyment and education.

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Monthly High Res Art Bundle

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